ERI (Equipment Reliability Institute) is a market-driven specialized engineering school. We focus on the reliability and durability of equipment ranging from satellites to aircraft to automobiles to telecom systems. Do you work in mechanical, electronic, aerospace, military or automotive engineering? Are vibration and shock among your concerns? You’ve come to the right place.

ERI offers several training possibilities:

1. It brings training to designers and/or test personnel, meeting at your facility or at a nearby hotel/motel.  Visit our onsite courses section for a partial listing of our course outlines. Please select the one of greatest value to you. Feel free to suggest tailoring changes that will maximize its value.  Typically, such training fills three full days or a week of half days.

2. You can send individuals to ERI open courses which happen in various cities and dates throughout the year. See our current list of upcoming classes

3. Wayne Tustin’s minimal-mathematics, minimal-theory textbook Random Vibration & Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis & Calibration. Available in eBook format or in hard cover which includes a CD-ROM with video clips and animations.

ERI also provides consulting through our specialists. They are experienced professionals who over the years have had just one concern: bring cost benefit product quality assurance to their organizations.

This web site is intended to be a fountain of knowledge, a listing of resources, a place where you will come for information and assistance concerning reliability and durability of your equipment.




Contact Information

Equipment Reliability Institute (ERI)
Phone: (805) 456-4274

President: Steve Brenner




ERI Clients
AAI Corp., ABB Bomem, ABB Inc., Abbott Labs, AbelConn, LLC, Aberdeen Test Center,  Abtest, Ltd., Accelerated Memory Production, Inc., Accelerated Relia. Testing Technologies, AcceleRel Engineering, ACCES I/O Products, Inc., Acco Controls,  Accolade Engineering Solutions, Accord Communications Ltd., Accredited Test Services,  Accsense, Inc., Accton Technology, Accudry,  Accumetrics Assoc., Inc., Accuray Inc, Ace Controls, Ace Electric Co, Acentech, Aces Systems ……. and that’s just a small fraction of the “A” firms, USA and abroad, that ERI has been able to help.  As well as many Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA units.