hass halt ess

For 20 years, ERI instructors have been helping engineers measure, analyze and understand the environments in which electronic and other hardware must survive and function properly. Will it survive a stressful lifetime? Finding out is the task of HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Testing. HALT should be performed before an equipment goes into production.

Originally called ESS for Environmental Stress Screening, and renamed to HASS for Highly Accelerated Stress Screening, HASS is performed on just-produced electronic and other hardware.

One tool is a climatic chamber that can stress equipments with hot and cold temperature extremes. The other tool is random vibration

Don’t engineers study temperature and vibration in college? Most such university instruction deals with mathematics and theory. Little if any instruction deals with the practical matters that many engineers need, and for which ERI is justly famous.

Here are outlines whose variations have been given on site to manufacturers of military electronic and other hardware:

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