Vibration & Shock Glossary

ERI offers engineers, technicians and others an extensive glossary of terms relating to vibration and shock testing, measurements, analysis and calibration.


Random Vibration & Shock Testing Text Book

Wayne Tustin’s minimal-mathematics, minimal-theory hardbound text “Random Vibration & Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis & Calibration” has 444 4-color printed pages and also includes a CD-ROM with video clips and animations.

This text emphasizes test and measurement hardware and practice. Based in part upon Tustin’s lecture notes, it includes new material on digital techniques for spectrum analysis and for digital control of shakers for random, sine and shock testing.


Technical Presentations

From a variety of onsite and online presentations, Wayne shares his vast knowledge on the field of vibration and shock testing.


Useful Links

ERI provides an extensive list of companies that provide services and products related hardware reliability and durability. Please check this frequently as it is always being updated.


How to get MIL Specifications

You can download the latest publication of the Military Standard Environmental Test Methods, MIL-STD 810G and most other MIL specifications at the Every Spec website.


Comparison of 810 Revisions

MIL 810G CHG-1 is the latest revision. 810 has been revised roughly every 8 years since it was introduced in 1962. Some of the earlier revisions are often cited in procurement contracts. All the test methods in the the latest revision as well as discussion of commonly specified older ones are covered in the Military Standard 810G (MIL-STD-810G) Testing course.

MIL 810 matrix PDF available for download.