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Distance learning: a student can study at home, viewing lessons and taking tests at students’ own pace. Requires no travel or employee down time! $1495 per student for materials and hand-graded tests.



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FREE shaker demonstration instructions included with purchase!

Training We Offer

Training is intended to provide individuals with knowledge, skills and attitude needed to perform (or more effectively perform) a specific job. Training is not education that’s intended to make people well-rounded. Formal training is needed when one or more engineers, technicians and others in an organization need new skills or knowledge and no colleague has the time or the skills or the training resources to teach him. ERI offers open courses, onsite courses and distance learning training. You can also acquire Wayne’s text “2005 Random Vibration & Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis & Calibration” (cover picture above).


Course Promotions

Early-bird Savings! For registration and payment received one month prior to an “open” course, deduct $100. For two or more registrants who sign up at least 2 weeks prior to the training date, ERI will grant a $100 discount to each registration. Discounted enrollment will be effective only by calling our office at (805) 570-5216.



Open Courses

If you don’t have enough people at your facility to justify an “onsite” ERI course, then here is an alternative: send one or two or three of your people to attend one of ERI’s “open courses”, typically three days. Several meet each year. Check here the current course locations and dates. Registration for Open Courses Select here for online payment via Paypal or any major credit card.

Onsite Courses

Let ERI assist your organization to achieve high reliability and durability products. Let ERI customize group technical training for your design, reliability, quality and test engineers and technicians at your facility. Training is tailored to meet your organization’s long-term needs. Look at some of our course outlines on this site or contact Wayne Tustin  to request a course outline.


Distance Learning

ERI also offers a unique Distance Learning Program on Vibration and Shock Testing. Hundreds of Power Point text and photo slides plus animations and video clips teach engineers and technicians about vibration and shock basics, control, instrumentation, calibration, analysis and testing, as well as ESS, HALT and HASS. Study in privacy at home or during downtime at work. Avoid travel. Avoid interference with night school, etc. Avoid losing valued employees for several days.

Avoid future reliability, durability and warranty problems in your electronic and other equipment. Our courses include the following subjects:
• Vibration and shock fundamentals, instrumentation, analysis and testing
• Vibration and Data Acquisition
• Displacement, velocity, acceleration, jerk and force measurement
• Shaker operation and maintenance training
• Vibration and shock test fixture design, fabrication and evaluation
• Modal analysis and testing
• Seismic evaluation and test
• HALT or highly advanced life testing
• ESS or environmental stress screening
• HASS or highly advanced stress screening
• Machinery health monitoring
• Condition-based maintenance
• Packaging test and product improvement
• Climatic environments: fundamentals, instrumentation and testing
• Temperature, altitude and humidity
• Sand-and-dust, salt spray and sunshine
• Automotive BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle) control and test
• RFI/EMI/EMC radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility
• Strain Gage training
• Acoustic measurements and evaluation
• Cooling of Electronics


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