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ERI (Equipment Reliability Institute) offers a unique Distance Learning Program in Vibration and Shock Testing and related subjects. Hundreds of Power Point text and photo slides plus animations and video clips teach you about vibration and shock basics, control (if you’ve too much vibration), instrumentation, calibration, analysis and sine and random vibration testing, as well as ESS, HALT and HASS. Study in privacy at home or during downtime at work. Avoid travel. Avoid interference with night school, etc. Avoid losing your valued employees for several days.

quote-openIt has been my real pleasure taking your course. I have known of your work for many years, and I jumped at the chance to take your course. I have learned a great deal. (…) I am much more knowledgeable now than I was before the class.quote-close

Paul N. Turner Northrop Grumman Corporation

Participant receives a CD-ROM carrying 33 lessons. At the end of each lesson, participant answers questions and works out problems. Then he/she e-mails his/her reviews to Wayne Tustin, his/her personal “remote professor”. Upon successful completion within one year of all 33 lesson reviews plus documentation of your professional work in dynamics plus completion of your thesis (a simple article of a few hundred words describing some aspect of that work – Wayne will assist), ERI will issue your certificate as Vibration and Shock Technologist!

Distance Learning Program with book – Cost US$ 2,895

Random Vibration & Shock Testing

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Who should take the 1001 course?

This course is primarily aimed at engineers and technicians who conduct developmental and production vibration and shock tests. But it also benefits.

  • designers of products that must survive such tests and must survive rigorous service conditions.
  • metrologists who measure vibration and shock on active automobiles, aircraft, etc.
  • electronics production and quality control personnel who conduct highly accelerated life tests (HALT), environmental stress screening (ESS) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS)
  • vibration and shock test, measurement and calibration equipment marketing, sales and installation personnel.
  • also electronics production and quality control personnel who conduct highly accelerated life tests (HALT), environmental stress screening (ESS) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS).

Finally, it assists those who sell and install vibration and shock test, measurement and calibration equipment.

Distance Learning Program with book – Cost US$ 2,895

Random Vibration & Shock Testing

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How does it work?

You will receive your CD-ROM from Santa Barbara, California. When you install the CD in your PC you will discover that it contains 33 lessons and 32 question/problem sets. The usual sequence is 1, 2, 3, etc. but that’s not mandatory. You might decide to take Lesson 20 first, for example, to get introduced to random vibration. Or Lesson 7 on accelerometers. When you are ready to commence a lesson, read through that lesson on screen or (if you wish) printed onto paper. You can consult the glossary for vibration terms; it’s part of the course. Then work through the Review, which is in Word format.  Insert your answers between the numbered questions/problems.  Finally, e-mail your review page (questions/problems and your answers) as an e-mail attachment to me, Wayne Tustin. I’ll grade your review at my office or if I’m traveling. Those answers that I agree with, I’ll mark [ok]. Then I’ll e-mail the first submittal of that Review back to you, sometimes in only a matter of a few hours. Sometimes there are answers that could be improved upon, and those I’ll answer with a sentence or a paragraph. Sometimes I’ll ask you to think further and to revise your answer. If I’ve asked for some additional work, there will be further submitting and further grading. This goes on until I say “OK, you’re finished with that Review” and you can proceed to the next. In a sense, you’ll get more of my attention than you would in a classroom setting. The downside is that I can’t see your expression …. don’t get visual feedback. If you ever have difficulty understanding me (on the CD or in my comments upon your lessons), I want to hear from you. We’ll thrash that topic back-and-forth until you DO understand me. Sometimes this results in my stating the original idea with greater clarity and I put the improved explanation into my hard drive for the benefit of future students. I’ve been teaching vibration and shock fundamentals since the early ‘sixties, but just about anything can be stated more clearly. I hope to hear from you soon! Best wishes, Wayne Tustin

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quote-openAs an Avionics Technician in our lab, one of my functions is to set up and run vibration testing on Space Shuttle avionics hardware.The formal vibration testing training that I’ve had in the past has concentrated mostly on how to operate the two controllers that we utilize and not on vibration testing theory. When setting up for Sine testing, our controllers have input fields for Frequency, Acceleration, Velocity , and Displacement. Defining any two parameters results in the controllers to automatically calculate the other two. I did not know the relationship between these parameters and how they were calculated. ERI’s distance learning course has helped me understand these concepts.quote-close

Stephan V. Ryan United Space Alliance

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Alternatives to the Distance Learning Program that includes 33 chapters

Super eBook  Cost US$3955

1-33 We also offer two other training formats, without review problems or Wayne’s assistance. If you’d like to purchase Wayne’s minimal-mathematics, minimal-theory hardbound text “Random Vibration & Shock Testing, Measurement, Analysis & Calibration”. (For Mac users only – Purchase online from iTunes by clicking the icon below)


 Please contact (805) 570-5216 for more information to purchase these products.

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