Distance Learning’s Sample Lesson

This is a sample of Equipment Reliability Institute’s 1001 Distance Learning Program in Vibration and Shock Technology.

It contains a small portion of Lesson 10 on Continuous Systems. We hope it gives you a “feel” for the course. The pictures, illustrations and video-clips you will see here are not actual size. When you view them from the CD-ROM they will fill the screen.

When you sign up for the 1001 course, you will receive a CD-ROM with as many as 33 lessons in everal thousand PowerPoint slides. Ahead of Lesson 10 you will have studied vibration basics, resonance, regulating vibration when it’s too severe, vibration measurement and calibration.

If you have some questions about what’s covered, send an e-mail to Wayne at tustin @ equipment-reliability.com (just remove the spaces around @). You will be sending him your review problems and questions following each lesson.

Let’s start!

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If you want to learn more about this program visit our Distance Learning page.