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Wayne Tustin


After many wonderful years of contributing, teaching, encouraging, and coaching Wayne Tustin has retired.







Steve Brenner


As of January 2017 Steve Brenner took over as president of Equipment Reliability Institute. He has been working in the field of environmental simulation and reliability testing for over 30 years. For the past 20 years Steve has been one of ERI’s most sought-after consultants and instructors.


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We’re watching an electronic card that is being multiaxis randomly (all frequencies simultaneously) vibrated. It’s receiving much the same input as if it were aboard a powered-flight rocket or other vehicle. You can see the various parts of this assembly moving relative to other parts. Failure is likely. We’d rather have failure occur here, in the lab, than in service.

ERI greatly appreciates Qualmark sharing this video. Excitation here was from numerous Qualmark pneumatic hammers. Similar responses are seen when such hardware is excited by multiple electrohydraulic (EH) or electrodynamic (ED) shakers.
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