Barcley, Tina

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Tina has worked in Electronic Packaging, Testing, and Analysis for Aerospace companies (ITT, TRW, Perkin Elmer, Goodrich and Aerojet), NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center), Automotive (both Ford and Chrysler), Military Black Boxes (Singer Librascope, Army, Navy and Air Force modules) as well as high end commercial and testing components (Spectracom, MKS, Kodak, etc.). She has run and created testing labs, procedures, designs, fixes for designs – developing 21 US Patents — all in Electronics Packaging, Materials, and Thermal. She is a frequent speaker at industry-specific conferences like IMAPS (International Microelectronics and Packaging Society) and ASE (Automotive Society of Engineers) and is on the IPC (IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries) Specification Review Panel.
She has extensive experience with Military and Aerospace Electronics and Optical Systems as well as satellites from smaller communication units to large optical benches. Additionally, she has R&D through production experience with automotive under-hood Engine and Transmission controllers. Her experience has included all levels of parts reliability for systems ranging from 6-month to 10-year reliabilities.
Tina has expertise in:
Solidworks CAD and Solidworks Simulation (includes structural and thermal analysis)
Development of Board Design Specifications
Prototype development to production
Solder Fatigue Analysis — Englemaier and Low-Cycle Thermal Fatigue
Reliability Analysis, Parts and Materials Issues
Packaging Design including Interfaces and Circuit Boards
Harsh Environment Testing including accelerated life, thermal, vibration, thermal shock, mechanical shock, etc.
IMAPS New England 40th Sumposium and Expo — May 7, 2013. Presentation and Paper, “Design and Design for Manufacture Improvement using CAD & Simulation.”
IMAPS Automotive Conference — May 22-24, 2012. Presentation and Paper, “Reliability Concerns – Pitfalls and Issues.”
IMAPS New England 39th Symposium and Expo — May 8, 2012. Presentation and Paper, “Improved Reliability with Different Materials.”
Operationally Responsive Space 8 Conference / Space News Article – March 2010. Presentation and Paper, “Nanoeye Program” – Coauthored – highlights the NanoEye 10-inch satellite payload.
“Silicone Gel Potting used for Underhood Engine Controller using Ball Grid Array Components.” Paper on the effect of silicone gel potting viscosity on BGA and surface mount solder joints fatigue and the resulting life and reliability – submitted to SAE 9/15/00 – presented at SAE, March 2001.