Charles Felkins

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40 years test experience: test equipment development, test engineer, test engineering manager, HALT/HASS engineer.
For the last 18 years doing extensive HALT/HASS testing to improve the product reliability on products from both in-house and external customers of two different companies. Performed over 400 individual HALT tests on over 70 different types of equipment including: power supplies, card sets, individual cards, cameras, motors, displays, robotics, control consoles, disc drive electronics, tape drives, tape storage libraries, telecommunications, military/commercial avionic systems, industrial components, printers and medical equipment.
Designed and developed pneumatic vibration systems for three different companies.

Extensive experience in designing and developing test fixturing for pneumatic vibration Tables.
Presented HALT/HASS tutorials and seminars at the last 8 IEEE Accelerated Stress Test conferences.
Implemented manufacturing HASS processes on eight different product lines and provided HALT and HASS training to four in-house facilities and two suppliers.
Has two patents and one pending on pneumatic vibration system components.
Has given HALT/HASS seminars and training to internal company departments, customers and test labs.