COOL 514 – POD Thermal Management


Thermal Resistance, basic relationships of Convection, Conduction, Radiation

Circuit Board Cooling

  • forced convection (direct air contact cooling)
  • conduction 
  • hollow core

Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooling

Estimating Flow Impedance

  • develop overall flow circuit
  • develop spread sheet calculation procedure
  • evaluate system impedance

Humidity & Psychometrics Evaluation

Heat Sink Design Procedures

  • straight fins 
  • pin fins 
  • attitude sensitivity
  • radiation effects
  • empirical data for heat transfer coefficients


Heat Exchanger Design and Characterization

  • effectiveness vs NTU method
  • empirical data for heat transfer coefficients and friction factors
  • developing heat exchanger performance curves

Closed liquid loops

  • ambient cooled
  • refrigerant cooled
  • pumps and filter performance
  • estimating liquid volume expansion
  • refrigerant P-H curves
  • refrigerant compressor and performance curves

Review of ram air side algorithms

  • stagnation, boundary layer, static temperatures


Vapor Cycle System (VCS) Performance

  • evaporator and condenser thermal performance
  • overall VCS thermal performance

Ram scoop performance

  • induced flow and pressure recovery

Expanded ram Air Cycle System machine performance

  • Turbine/compressor performance
  • Closed cycle performance

Ram cooled Moldline Heat Exchanger Design

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