Deepak Jariwala

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A 1990 graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Roorkee, India (now Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee). Nearly all his working Industry experience from 1991 onwards has been in Vibration and Shock Testing (1990 – 1991 being Telecom Industry).
Jariwala specializes in digital shaker control and data acquisition. He led a shaker system manufacturer’s team developing digital shaker controllers to meet various clients’ requirements. Occasionally he assisted at the installation and commissioning of electrodynamic shaker systems. He has taught fundamentals of Vibration and applications of vibration testing in several workshops held at a national level in India. He has been main faculty in Seminars organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the area of Vibration and Shock Testing and also spoke at these events:
Vibration and Shock Testing Seminar , 24 & 25 August 2001 @ Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
Need of Vibration and Shock Testing in Indian Industry, 7 June 2002, CII- New Delhi
Vibration Analysis for Machinery Health Monitoring, 30 Aug 2002, CII- Chandigarh
Seminar on Harmonics, Harmonics 2002, 19 & 20 December 2002, CII – New Delhi
Reliability Aspects in Automobiles, 6 June 2003, CII – Ludhiana
Multi Shaker Control for Reliability Tests of large structures at International Conference on Reliability, Safety & Hazard ; Dec 1-3 ,2005, Mumbai
‘Attaching Test Articles to Shakers, MIMO Control and Seismic Simulation’ guest lecture at LRDE (Defense R&D Lab) – Bangalore ; August 2006
Presentation on MIMO Control (JAGUAR for Multiple Shaker Control ) at the 4th International Exhibition of Aerospace Testing at Moscow in September 2007
‘Multi Shaker (MIMO) Testing’ guest lecture at LRDE (Defense R&D Lab) – Bangalore on Nov 7, 2008
Jariwala also taught Vibrations in Seminars at International Forums for the Equipment Reliability Institute, Santa Barbara (President Wayne Tustin):
at General Electric (Medical Division) , Bangalore
to personnel from Singapore Defense and Corporate in June 2004
to personnel Australian Defense and Aerospace in November 2005
He has spoken on these topics at Hero Honda-Dharuhera, Amphenol Connectors-Pune, CMTI-Bangalore, ICOMM-Hyderabad, Auto Clusters-Pune, Goodrich Aerospace, L&T, Appolo Computing, Jai Sales, Data Patterns, CECRI, CGCRI etc.

Jariwala has participated in Vibration Test Control training at Spectral Dynamics, Inc. – USA at Minden, Nevada as well as at San Diego and San Jose, California and MIMO Club (Multiple Shaker Control) at Beijing (October 2007) conducted by MIMO experts of Spectral Dynamics. He has interacted with a number of vibration test equipment manufacturing firms in the USA and Europe. He has been on several technical visits to Israel, UK, Germany, Belgium, China, Russia and S. Korea.

Jariwala is a graduate ‘Vibration and Shock Technologist’ from Equipment Reliability Institute, Santa Barbara, California, having studied with Wayne Tustin. In addition to his other work, Jariwala is the editor of Mr. Wayne’s Tustin’s latest book “A minimal mathematics Introduction to the Fundamentals of Random Vibration & Shock Testing, HALT, ESS & HASS also Measurements, Analysis and Calibration” ISBN: 0-9741466-0-9.

Jariwala is now ‘Regional Manager – SE Asia’ for Spectral Dynamics, Inc. – USA and is located at Roorkee in Northern India. He coordinates sales (of Spectral Dynamics Shakers-Controllers-DAS-Modal Test Systems-PIND Testers etc.) and Installation and also imparts training in India and China. On behalf of Spectral Dynamics, he provides customer support to Russia, China, South Africa, South Korea and Israel.
In February 2011, Jariwala co-taught (with Wayne Tustin) 3 days at Santa Barbara, California.

He also offers consulting in the field of vibration testing and training courses to newcomers to this field.