Why does ERI exist?

Equipment Reliability Institute exists to educate relatively new engineers and technicians in the ruggedizing of electronic and other hardware so it will survive and will operate properly in spite of severe military and commercial storage and usage environments. First, they need to understand how those environments can damage equipment. Then, how to prevent that damage.

ERI also exists to educate relatively new engineers and technicians to assist in environmentally testing that hardware. Some will use climatic test chambers to apply extremes of temperature, altitude, humidity, etc. Others will use shakers to apply vibration and use shock testing apparatus to apply mechanical shocks. Others will use reverberant chambers to apply intense noise to that hardware.
Universities and engineering schools rarely if ever teach about ruggedizing nor about environmental test. ERI was created to fit these needs.

Employers of recent graduates seek quick remedies. Some ask ERI to conduct short on-site courses, featuring their own shakers and other equipment. Others send individuals to “open” ERI courses, featuring commercial test lab shakers and other equipment. If travel is not possible, ERI offers distance learning.