Gene Bliley

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Gene Bliley is president of Bliley Consulting LLC. His engineering firm provides ESD consulting, on-site audits, and ESD training. Training classes are designed to give students a through understanding of electrostatic discharge and how the various control measures can mitigate damage to sensitive products. Please follow link to view course outline. As the ESD program manager at the Lucent Technologies wireless manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio, he held many responsible positions on the Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories ESD Leadership team. Gene is an active member of the Electrostatic Discharge Association and has completed the ESD Association course for Electrostatic Discharge Program Development and Assessment based on ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999. Mr. Bliley is a frequent contributing editor to Evaluation Engineering Magazine. His articles: Solving the Wristband Snap Release Problem and Testing Cloth Wristband Cuff Integrity have provided corporations with valuable insight into issues often overlooked and worse, not even realized, concerning two widespread industry problems that can impact product quality.