Harry Schwab

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Harry L. Schwab has over thirty years of experience in engineering and consults in the fields of structural vibration and analysis. His experience includes many phases of structural analysis, test and specification development, testing, design, and management. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Missouri at Rolla, and an MBA.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida and Missouri and has written several technical papers in the fields of vibration testing and analysis as well as having developed and taught courses on structural analysis for engineers. Mr. Schwab has engineering experience in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial industries. The projects he has worked on include aircraft, guided missiles, tracked vehicles, trucks, cars, and heavy equipment. His expertise includes the development of a method for creating random vibration laboratory test environments from non-stationary data. The procedure results in the application of several different spectra per axis with an overall test time greatly reduced from the “real world” environment, while accurately duplicating and not exceeding the “real world” environment. Harry Schwab has also developed many environmental requirements: specifications for hardware supplied by vendors; Environmental Stress Screening; and laboratory vibration environments for meeting customers’ requirements. He has conducted lifetime durability and modal analysis tests on electronics, Electro-optics, automotive components, and guided missiles. His experience and capabilities assist him in developing creative, low cost, solutions to engineering problems.