John Riddle

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Currently President of TetraTek Products, Inc. for the last ten years. Previously Director of Engineering at Ransco Industries, Chief Engineer of Bemco, Inc., Senior Project Engineer at Conrad/Missimer Division of Gulf and Western and Project Engineer at Missimers,Inc.

TetraTek specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacture of environmental test chambers, processing equipment, system test facilities, tooling, test fixtures, electronic burn-in and reliability systems, servo and stepper motor driven machines, pneumatic and hydraulic motion packages, process control consoles, PC and PLC based systems and software, high vacuum vessels and equipment, intricate machined mechanisms, walk-in rooms and insulated structures, mechanical and cryogenic refrigeration, product handling and positioning equipment, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, fluid, air and gas circulating systems, data communications and networks, human machine interfaces (HMI) and software, mainframe database format and translation.