Kevin Howard

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Kevin Howard is a talented instructor of short courses in the field of packaging engineering. He is one of fewer than 500 people in the world with both BS and MS degrees in packaging (both from Michigan State University). Kevin specialized in distribution packaging and testing in school and has applied this knowledge over the past 25 years to generate some of the largest cost savings in packaging history. Over his 17 years of work at Hewlett-Packard, Kevin forged several new concepts on how best to combine his interests in
product design,
supply chain logistics
customer assurance and
testing into a unified, teachable approach to (1.) gaining the lowest possible landed costs with (2.) the highest quality necessary. Introduced at several conferences as a particularly innovative thinker, Kevin prides himself on his ability to communicate with newcomers to packaging concerning the depth and breadth of packaging knowledge, supply chain logistics, material handling methodologies and dynamics testing.
Testing expertise: Kevin focused on testing theory and methods during graduate school, where he was the teaching assistant for two years in the class on shock and vibration testing. He spent one summer interning for MTS Systems, which at that time was the largest manufacturer of servohydraulic shaking equipment. His first job out of school was with Whirlpool Corporation, where he helped start their first shock and vibration lab. He then became a consultant. His assignments included teaching at the first school of packaging in China, focused on distribution packaging and testing. While at HP, Kevin was instrumental in helping re-write both corporate and divisional test manuals. Modifying HP’s testing led to lower failures in the field and lower packaging costs overall…an unusual combination.
Kevin will be a featured speaker at ISTA’s International Transport Packaging Forum, March 29-April 1, 2010, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.
Kevin’s topic Corrugated Boxes: How to Improve Quality and Minimize Costs will be presented on March 31, at 1:30pm.