Lee G. Smith

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Lee G. Smith is a Senior Dynamics Engineer specialized in vibration testing, modal testing, shock testing and data analysis.
Work History
1) Consultant (Boeing Huntington Beach Dynamic Laboratory) Aviant Company 1996 – 2001
Conducted all modal testing done at this facility including Delta II second stage, Globalstar satellite, and International Space Station S0 Truss Segment.
Developed all data analysis programs currently in use including integrated pyrotechnic shock analysis system. Published paper on the system.
Consulted at Dassault Laboratory in France to verify French shock analysis practices.
Consulted at NTS Laboratory in Valencia, California to develop techniques for strain gage data.
2) Principal Engineer/Scientist McDonnell Douglas (became Boeing) 1989 – 1996
Developed requirements for Segment Microgravity and Equipment Vibroacoustic criteria.
Directed acoustic tests of major Space Station components in Space Station Engineering.
Developed and presented a paper on techniques for Statistical Energy Analysis of aerospace truss structures.
3) Senior Staff Engineer Hughes Aircraft Ground Systems – Antenna Design Engineering and Dynamics Laboratory 1978 – 1989
Conducted finite element analysis of large radar antennae.
Incorporated digital vibration control system in dynamic laboratory systems.
Beta tested I-deas data analysis system and incorporated it into laboratory operation.
Developed methodology for base-forced modal testing and programs for data analysis and utilization.
Presented a paper about base-forced test and analysis techniques.
4) Staff Engineer Hughes Aircraft Space Systems Division 1973 – 1978
Conducted development and production vibration tests of communication satellite systems including Intlesat series and Pioneer-Venus.
Designed and implemented a dual-head 10000 lb. Exciter system for subsystem testing.
Conducted first industry Fast Fourier Transform based modal test.
5) Engineer McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Missiles and Space Division 1968 – 1973
Conducted System acoustic and vibration test of Skylab satellite at NASA Houston vibroacoustic laboratory.
Evaluated digital vibration control and analysis systems.
6) Engineer McDonnell Douglas Aircraft – Aircraft Division 1967-1968
Designed implementations of carbon composite design of aircraft tail structures.
7) Engineer Douglas Aircraft Missiles and Space Division (became McDonnell Douglas) 1961 – 1967
Developed digital random vibration analysis system.
Conducted Saturn vibration tests including High Force Test of the Saturn IV-B stage at Thiokol Utah facility.
Designed large vibration fixtures for the Saturn program.
Presented papers regarding both the high-force test and vibration fixture design.
8) Engineer Douglas Aircraft El Segundo Naval Aircraft Facility 1952 – 1961
Structure Design for AD, A2D, A3D, F3D, F4D, and F5D aircraft wing, fuselage and avionics installations.
BS – Civil Engineering, University of California Berkeley, 1952
MS – Mechanical Engineering California State University Long Beach, 1970
Additional Education
Italian – fluent
French – functional