Milton R. Scaturro

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Mr. Scaturro is a registered professional engineer, certified manufacturing engineer, industrial coating inspector and a marine coating inspector. He has 50 years of extensive diversified experience in land, marine, undersea, aircraft, aerospace and defense industries in design, materials, manufacturing, coating systems, corrosion control and coating and marine inspections.
Mr. Scaturro developed the areas of expertise of failure analysis, corrosion control and prevention and coating systems and coating inspection. After retiring from the Navy as a civilian employee of 30 years, he became a consultant to industry in a diverse range of applications.
Mr. Scaturro has co-authored many papers. He is currently an active member, holding various offices in the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Association Corrosion Engineers, the American Society Materials, the American Society of Welding, the Society of Manufacturing Engineering, the Steel Structures Painting Council, and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.