Steve Brenner

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Steve Brenner has been working in the field of environmental simulation and reliability testing for over 30 years. Commencing about 14 years ago, he became an independent consultant, and is one of ERI’s most sought-after teachers of short courses. His “hot subject” right now is MIL-STD-810G. Beginning in the late sixties with reliability and design verification testing on the Lunar Module, the Space Shuttle in the eighties, to semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the nineties, Mr. Brenner has always been involved with the latest techniques for verifying equipment integrity through testing. Mr. Brenner began his career as an Environmental test engineer with Grumman Aerospace Corporation in New York, worked as design verification and reliability engineer for the Air Force, an Environmental Test Engineer for Lockheed Missiles and Space company, and spent 18 years with Kaiser Electronics in San Jose, where he managed the Environmental Test Lab and was involved with the design of hardware intended for severe environments. Mr. Brenner has been working as a consultant in the reliability testing field since 1996. His client base includes American and European companies with products: Telecommunications Automated test equipment Airborne displays Network equipment Medical equipment Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Automation Aircraft instrumentation Workstations Ruggedized commercial electronic products (COTS) Fiber Optics components and systems Theme Park Rides Mr. Brenner’s experience includes the entire range of climatic and dynamic testing, including HALT, HASS and long term reliability testing. He teaches several ERI courses each year, USA and abroad. In 2006 he and Wayne Tustin co-authored “Where to place the vibration test control accelerometer?”, which is available upon request.