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Boss, it’s dangerous …….. some of our designers don’t know about making our products rugged, capable of surviving vibration and shock during transportation and usage. They don’t understand the vibration and shock tests that our military customers require. Worse, some of our test people don’t know about proper vibration and shock testing; these topics aren’t taught by universities. Some of our products are being overtested; others undertested. This will hurt us.

What to do?

1. We can have Wayne Tustin or Steve Brenner come here for 3 days to teach and certify 10 of our designers and test people for just under $20,000, with each additional attendee for $950.


2. if we’ll buy some travel. We can send individuals to one of Wayne’s certificated 3-day “open” courses, held at a commercial test lab, for $3,995. That includes a highly important “hands on” demonstration of vibration and shock testing on that lab’s shaker.


3. We can buy Wayne’s certificated Distance Learning course, 33 lessons spread out over say 33 weeks, $1495. To that we can a different treatment, Wayne’s 2005 hard cover textbook at $250. Or, more recent, his 2014 ebook for those designers and test people who have an iPad or a Mac. Currently being announced: an “Android” version. These are $850.

Or a new idea,

4. Wayne is recording 3 days of video which we can buy now at $1995 and use, solo or in groups, for years, introducing our new designers and our new test people to material they need to understand. The first of the 32 video clips can be seen on YOU TUBE, 24 minutes, Chapter 1. Find “Wayne Tustin.”

Options 1, 3 and 4 lack the physical demonstrations of option 2. How to obtain? See Wayne’s SHAKER FAMILIARIZATION EXERCISE

Note that options 3 and 4 don’t involve travel expense and they don’t pull our people “off the job” for a week. And they’re cheaper.