Vladimir Valentekovich

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Vladimir Valentekovich teaches about pyrotechnic and other forms of shock testing, measurement, analysis and calibration and consults in these fields. He s a graduate of UCLA with his Bachelor and Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a Senior Test Engineer in Structural Dynamics, specializing in pyrotechnic shock, at Wyle Laboratories, El Segundo.
Vladimir was responsible for quantifying and publishing the high velocity, short duration stress wave resultant in near-field pyroshock, as referenced in the IES Recommended Practice 012.1 Handbook for Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis, Appendix A, Pyroshock and the 5th ed. Harris and Piersol Shock and Vibration Handbook, Chapter 26 Part II. Vladimir received the SAVIAC 64th Symposium Henry Pusey Award for this work in 1994.
Wyle Laboratories then was the first independent contractor to do pyroshock qualification testing using the Tomahawk Cruise Missile U/RGM-109D flight structure: from instrumentation, specifying the data acquisition system, placing the charge, to acquiring and analyzing the resultant data. Valentekovich developed many pyrotechnic shock test methods still used at Wyle. He continues to develop alternate pyro shock methods and test equipment including mechanical impact and ballistic shock simulations.
Vladimir currently consults for aerospace and defense firms who seek to design, perform and complete meaningful dynamics test programs.