A. W. (Wes) Mayne

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A. W. (Wes) Mayne III has worked in the area of high-intensity acoustic testing and test facility development for 25 years. Wes has worked on the development of many acoustic test facilities both inside the United States and in nine countries outside the U.S., covering India, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and South America. Most of the facilities have been large reverberant acoustic test chambers designed to test spacecraft. Wes has worked in all phases of acoustic facility development, including design, construction, and actual testing, and in capacities including overall management of turnkey projects. Wes has authored and co-authored papers on the subject of acoustic test facilities that have been well received. Wes is currently the Product Manager of Acoustic Test Systems at Data Physics Corporation in San Jose, CA.
Wes’s typical projects are acoustic applications associated with satellite and external rocket launch environments, aircraft flight environments, and high power outdoor sound propagation systems. Have you an engineering problem involving the design and construction of high-intensity acoustic test facilities, the operation and troubleshooting of such facilities, or any other aspect of high-intensity acoustic testing?