William Charles Shust

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Mr. Shust is a PE, M.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineer and also President of Objective Engineers, Inc – responsible to provide competitive solutions in the engineering marketplace. Technically skilled in topics of mechanical design and integrity, including component design, endurance tests, noise and vibration problem solving, modal analysis, litigation support and finite element modeling. He is an author of more than 40 technical reports, papers, and magazine articles. Please check Bill’s most recent article at Sound & Vibration, Jan/02 issue: “Dynamic Data in the Time, Frequency and Amplitude Domains – As Viewed by the Mathematically Challenged”.

Mr. Shust has worked for AAR (Association of American Railroads) as the Principal Engineer of the Transportation Technology Center in Colorado (1995-1999) and also as a Supervisor/Senior Test Engineer at the Instrumentation Section, at AAR’s Chicago Technical Center (1993-1995). His professional experience also includes 7 years as an Engineering Analyst for the company Navistar International Truck and Engine Corporation (Engineering and design group for heavy truck manufacturer) and 1 year as a Test Engineer for the company AEA O’ Donnell (Engineering services in mechanical design, analysis and testing).